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Conservation – Restoration – Sustainability
Symposium II

Digital Art Conservation: Practical Approaches
Artists, Programmers, Theorists

École supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg, 24 and 25 November 2011, 09.00-18.30 + Excursion to the ZKM | Karlsruhe on 26 November

Artists who create digital artworks face the problem of preservation much sooner than artists who work with more traditional materials. Artists who wish their work to endure always ready for exhibition, must give some thought to preservation strategies from the moment the artwork is created. The choices of standard tools, documentation and modes of distribution are all part of this process.

An interest in the historical value of digital artworks also encourages the institutions that exhibit them to make this particular value visible, in addition to the appropriate conservation of the work. This leads us to reconsider the conservation strategies which advocate the systematic and continuous updating of non-functioning or obsolete devices.

This symposium aims to give an overview of certain strategies that have been implemented over the past few years by presenting the intertwined approaches and practices of theorists, artists, programmers and preservation specialists. Read more »

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24 November 2011

Opening words

Otto Teichert
Bernhard Serexhe
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Perla Innocenti
Keeping the bits alive: authenticity and longevity for digital art (EN)
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Emanuel Lorrain
Obsolescence of equipment in artworks using computer components (FR)
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Arnaud Obermann
Ten case studies: challenges and results (EN)
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Francisco Ruiz de Infante & Jérôme Thomas
Conservation, infidelity and shifts within an art school (FR)
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Cécole Dazord
Contemporary art confronted with the phenomenon of technological obsolescence: Developing a dedicated research program for the research department of the Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (C2RMF, Paris) (FR)
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Aymeric Mansoux
How deep is your source? (EN)
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Gideon May
The Legible City: the evolution of an interactive installation (EN)
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Igor Štromajer
Expunction: deleting www.intima.org net art works (EN)
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25 November 2011

JODI in conversation with Anne Laforet
The web is the best archive! (EN)
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Raffael Dörig
Exhibition closed due to YouTube redesign: curatorial practice and problems of conserving digital art (DE)
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Hans Pufal
Conservation of computer hardware (EN)
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Jean-Philippe Humblot
Emulation for the preservation of multimedia documents: the European project KEEP (FR)
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Jussi Parikka
Machinic conservation, and carving out the datum (EN)
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Paul Jansen Klomp
Information freeze (EN)
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Hervé Graumann in conversation with Nelly Massera
Raoul Pictor cherche son style ... , 1993-2011 (FR)
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Florian Kaufmann
Hacking Mondrian: problems with the maintenance of early home computers (EN)
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